SaranaColor Specifications

Raw Material Specification

As the base material of SARANACOLOR, we use Saranalume with various coating thickness and mechanical properties in accordance with the applicable Indonesian standards.

Raw Material Specification
Nominal ThicknessTolerance
Line SpeedThickness
0.20± 0.010
0.25± 0.025
0.30± 0.030
0.35± 0.030
0.40± 0.040
0.45± 0.040
0.50± 0.500
0.60± 0.500

Metal CoatingMinimum Yield StrengthMinimum Tensile Strength
AS70300 & 550300 & 550
AS100300 & 550300 & 550
AS150300 & 550300 & 550

Application By Material Spec
G550 : Roll Formed Roofing and Walling
G300 : Roll Formed Roofing and Walling, Pressing

Coil Coating
To further enchance physical and visual properties, SARANACOLOR from this pattern is assembled here as an introduction to the good qualities.

SARANACOLOR coated by a comprehensive range of amino-cured polyester-based coatings. Available for indoor or outdoor use with varying level of hardness, formability and chemical resistance properties.

SARANACOLOR offered with backing coats. Formulations giving adhesion to insulations foams, anti-pressure marking, and anti coil collapsing properties.