Handling & Storages

In order to ensure that the excellent standard of SCB Galvanized Steel Sheet/Coil products is not impaired during handling and storage, it is necessary to exercise several important procedure. Handling equipment must be clean, contacts area must be smooth and free from protrusions. Coils should be protected against surface and edge damage. When downending, avoid rolling coils on the floor. To avoid the risk of scuffing during uncoiling, tension should be maintained.

When being transported, product must be kept dry. Storage must be in weather-proof buildings. Under conditions of high humidity, condensation must be prevented by adequate ventilation and air circulation. Should material accidently become wet it must be processed or recoiled and dried immediately to prevent deterioration. It must be stressed that should moisture become trapped between adjacent surfaces of the product in the coil the resulting corrosive reactions are far more aggressive than those encountered in normal service and may lead to early failure of white rust.