Saranalume Advantages

Using a combination of 55% Al-Zn as the coating of the steel sheet, Saranalume (Galvalume) have several advantages when compared with the general galvanized products.


Product Reflection Ratio
55% Al-Zn 60%
Zinc Coated (Galvanize) 40%
Asbestos 30%

Saranalume Advantages : Reflection

Resilience Corrosion

Corrosion resistance up to 4 times better than Galvanize depend on environment.

Salt Spray Test

Atmospheric Exposure Test Mild Industrial Area

Atmospheric Exposure Test Coastal Area

High Temperatures Resistance

With a dominant Aluminium composition that have higher melting point than Zinc. It will be automatically high temperatures resistance of Saranalume (Galvalume) is higher than ordinary Galvanize products. 55% Al-Zn layer can be use up to 3150C without discolouration and oxidation.