SaranaColor Advantages


In accordance with the commitment of PT. SaranaCentral Bajatama Tbk to keep on innovating, in 2013 we introduce a new product called SARANACOLOR. SARANACOLOR is zinc coated steel or 55% Al-Zn coated with a polyester outer layer. SARANACOLOR machine is designed by japanese leading experts who experienced in years of research & development.

SaranaColor Coat


Continuous SARANACOLOR Line is built by Japanese latest technology with breakthrough features :

  1. Vertical Chem Coater : optimized layer of chromating.
  2. Advanced Tech Primer, Top and Back Coater : balanced of paint coating thickness.
  3. High Efficient Oven : enhance curing time.

Utilizing Saranacentral three integrated galvanizing lines, SARANACOLOR maintains consistency in producing excellent quality.


SaranaColor Feature


SARANACOLOR CHARTS SARANACOLOR offering you a selection elegant colors to meet your valuable design.


SaranaColor Color


SARANACOLOR steel colors shown have been made to represent actual product as accurately as possible. We recommend you check the chosen color against actual samples of the product.