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Following the success of the production of zinc coated steel sheets, which are widely used as the basic materials for construction, electrical as well as automotive parts, PT Saranacentral Bajatama has been continuously improving in order to keep our commitment of always maintaining customers satisfaction. Therefore in the year 2010, PT Saranacentral Bajatama intend to launch a new product that is alumunium-zinc alloy coated steel (55%Al-45%Zn) also known as “Saranalume”.

With over many years of experience, supported by professional experts in the field of galvanizing, high-tech laboratory and a management system that is ISO 9001 certified, we believe that “Saranalume” can compete in quality with imported products as well as local products that are similar.

We strongly believe that growing demand in all existing market segment challenged us to deliver the needs. Through the right positioning we produce the other quality steel painted product, as known as "SARANACOLOR". Confirming that we are the only local producer of 3 types coated steel in Indonesia, our commitment to deliver customer needs in Galvanized Coated Steel, Zinc/Alumunium Coated Steel (SARANALUME), and Painted Steel (SARANACOLOR).

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SARANACOLOR Launch on December 1, 2016
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